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Crux: Sneak Peek
8.1.2003 by Scott, every Thursday.

August is underway! You can tell by the, uh, registration happening on the web for schools all over the place. Yeah. And August means, uh, comics. So in the spirit of August, I have a special sneak peek @ one of only 3 titles out there starring Atlanteans, Crux. (The other two are Aquaman from DC and Namor from Marvel's Tsunami line.)

With a new artist joining on at CrossGen, Sergio Cariello takes the pencilling duties for "Crux". He's worked with Crux writer Chuck Dixon before on Batman/Wildcat and Catwoman/Wildcat, and I have a quick look at what they've got planned for Crux here.

That's all for now, but keep coming back for more news, reviews, sarcasm and mindless chatter.

-Scott MacIver

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