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Monsieur Guy: I Don't Know What Love Is

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REVIEW: Monsieur Guy: I Don't Know What Love Is
7.11.2003 by Dusty

Monsieur Guy: I Don't Know What Love Is [Aloha Misc. Media House, 2001] (mp3)

Three words? C'est d'la merde

Monsieur Guy is an odd guy. In music, being odd is not necessarily a bad thing. Beck is an odd guy. Bowie was odd too. Thom Yorke probably doesn't go on ether binges, stealing bone-china dishware from antique stores by the light of the full moon, but if you found out he did, would you be surprised? So no, being a little eccentric is fine. But being a little eccentric and being making shitty Casio-pop is entirely too much to handle.

Enter I Don't Know What Love Is.

Nine tracks of cut-and-paste vocal samples and shrill noises, Monsieur Guy is the latest perpetrator in the expanding void of music that nobody wants to hear. "Has You Daddy Taught You to Rock N' Roll? (Je Suis Le Bowl Cut)" stands out with its annoying wrestling-chant "chorus," but the rest all wads into an altogether boring, frustrating and not-fun quarter of an hour.

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