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Ward Churchill: In a Pig's Eye

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REVIEW: Ward Churchill: In a Pig's Eye
7.10.2003 by Dusty

Ward Churchill: In a Pig's Eye [G7 Welcoming Committee, 2003] (mp3)

Three words? Dances With Activists

[Note to reader: I apologize in advance for my failure to convey the strength and depth of this recording. I know music pretty well. I can hold my own in conversation with the most foreboding of music snobs. I have unique insight into the artistry of songs. However, that is where my capabilities, interests and knowledge end. Reviewing Ward Churchill's In a Pig's Eye (a two-hour speech on the plight of North American aboriginals at the hands of unjust government doctrine) is a challenge I feel sorely unqualified to tackle. Just looking at this two-disc set - which does not contain a single note or melody - has me feeling perplexed, not unlike Rain Man, beating his skull in confusion at the notion that the pancake syrup may already at the breakfast table. I am a shallow man. This has been your warning...]

In a Pig's Eye sees Ward Churchill examining the atrocities plaguing the Native American nation, from the landing of Christopher Columbus to the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. The credentials listed in the introduction assure the listener that Ward knows his shit, and his conversational tone and dry wit make him a naturally magnetic speaker. Where the speech loses me is in its comprehensiveness: no matter how interested I was in whatever topic Churchill was discussing, I found my mind drifting, unable to keep up with all the facts being thrown at me. I would have killed for some flash cards or a "Ward for Dummies" handbook.

As far as politics-on-compact-discs go, this is not as everyday-enjoyable as Rage Against the Machine or Propagandhi, but anyone seeking an in-depth look into Native American injustices has a friend in Ward Churchill, and In a Pig's Eye will surely be a valuable resource to them. But this fucker is intense, so do your homework first.

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