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Enon: In This City EP

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REVIEW: Enon: In This City EP
7.9.2003 by Kevin

Enon: In This City EP [Touch and Go, 2003] (sample)

Three words? Single done right.

Enon is perhaps the most prolific band, indie or not, performing in 2003. With countless seven-inches, self-released instrumental CDs, official LPs and a new song available each month for download from their website, there really isn't a moment when there's isn't a new Enon release, or one looming on the horizon. Add to this their nearly non-stop touring, and I begin to wonder if the band is even human. Obviously, given such an intense outpouring of material, not everything that Enon touches is gold (particularly the web-only material and some of the seven-inches), but I am very pleased to report that In This City is Enon at their finest - and one of the best singles packages I've ever seen released.

On the CD there are four tracks, two remixes of "In This City" (the "soap mix" somehow making bassist Toko Yasuda sound even sexier), a disappointing instrumental-only mix (what's the point?) of "Murder Sounds" (from their forthcoming fall full-length Hocus Pocus), and a new track "Inches". Musically, the title track remixes are the most memorable, with the "deadverse mix" being handled by Ipecac experimental hip-hoppers Dalek.

But the real treat is in the CD-ROM portion of this disc, which contains three excellent Enon videos. The first is an absolutely amazing video for "In This City," which puts Enon in the magical bubblegum-flavored futureworld that Steven Spielberg should have used for A.I.. "Carbonation" follows as a frantic, channel-flipping rant against manufactured pop music. And it's all capped, finally, by the spazzy "Pleasure and Privilege," with John Schmersal freaking out over an unbelievably complex guitar-line.

Enon could well have taken the easy route and simply stuck with remixes and a couple of new tracks (or even less, like their labelmates !!!), but the extras included add a bang to your buck that made this reviewer smile.

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