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P:ano: When It's Dark and It's Summer

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REVIEW: P:ano: When It's Dark and It's Summer
6.29.2003 by Sean

p:ano: When It's Dark and It's Summer [Hive-Fi Recordings, 2002]

Three words? Open hearted lullabyes.

With all the rain that Vancouver gets, you would expect every West Coast band to be deep in melancholia, sad at worst, sad-happy at best. As much as droopy romantics such as this writer might appreciate such a thing, others would probably object. Thank goodness, then, that I've got P:ano. This record is like the gentlest bits of Yo La Tengo, the fullest tracks by Julie Doiron. Nick Krgovich and Larissa Loyva have recorded chamber folk that glimmers in the dawn, soaring above many of their sad-sack peers with a lush, thick sound. Veda Hille and members of the Beans are among those that throw in their talents, blessing When It's Dark and It's Summer with muted horns, strokes of violin, accordian, cello and brushed drums. There is the beauty of swirling snowflakes as the strings slide in on "All of November, Most of October," a moment of the sublime when Krgovich cribs Jackson 5 lyrics on "Tut Tut." Though things become a little sleepy on the second half, "Billions and Billions" is one of the best songs Low never played: it's worth it to pay attention.

When It's Dark and It's Summer is a gorgeous record, and one that promises only the best - the best - of things for P:ano's next LP, destined for the Spring.

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