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Josh Canova: Common Divide

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REVIEW: Josh Canova: Common Divide
5.22.2003 by Dusty

Josh Canova: Common Divide [self-released, 2003]

Three words? man... soo bad

It is only a matter of time before the current singer/songwriter glut plaguing the planet results in the emergence of a Road Warrior-style dystopian society. Imagine cutthroat desert battles among lanky folk-boys with Ethan Hawke hair, slashing and shielding with their 12-string Ovations while headlining spots at cafes with names like Java-something or something-Joe. Even the most zealous of these prospective rogue entertainers would not lose any sleep over Josh Canova and his debut album, Common Divide.

Overlong, dry and completely dependant upon strummed acoustic guitar, Common Divide is practically the blueprint for mind-numbingly dull singer/songwriter bullshit. Only Canova’s first track/single "The Wish" - sounding a bit like the Cranberries song on those commercials promoting vacationing in Ireland – is even somewhat enjoyable. The drums are consistently boring and the leads and solos sound as if lifted from the Boomtown Rats. Remember the Boomtown Rats? Yeah, there’s a reason you don’t.

Nobody needs to hear Josh Canova’s Common Divide. Ever. Die-hard Tom Cochrane fans may want to pick it up for Canova’s Cochrane-esque vocals on "Middle Man." If this applies to you, then I sincerely hope you enjoy and may your life forever be a highway.

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