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Bits and Pieces (guest thingies by Anca and Dan)
3.25.2003 by Rosemary, every Tuesday.


More guest writings this week, because 1. they're great and 2. I've been drawing lately, instead of writing. I find I can only focus on one sort of art at a time. Does anyone else have this experience?

Maybe I'll post some drawings next week and have a non-story Bedtime Stories, if Neale of Ink isn't too mad.

Midterm Distractions: Archaeology Drag
by Anca

The desiccated old professor slips through the crack in the musty velvet curtains. He gives a coy flip of the silvery-gray comb-over. His enormous glasses slide back up his bulbous nose with his upward gaze. His dangling silver earrings clink like little wind-chimes and glint in the spotlight. The glinting-clinking causes a downward glance at his off-the-shoulder, sweet-heart neckline, blue sequined gown. The prof shifts weight, revealing a once-muscular-now-flabby varicose-veined leg out of the slit in his dress. The veins are of a hue rather complementary to his dress. He cautiously, coyly, approaches the microphone.

He breathes in.

by Dan

Pain and sorrow dance
Alongside joy and sunshine
I watch from my box.

Gentle wind blows south
Boy watches drifting cloudscapes
Awaits Nintendo.

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