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Old is New again
11.1.2002 by Scott, every Thursday.

The 80’s revival is kicking it into high gear in the comics world. All of your favorite licensed heroes have been getting a revamp and a re-launch in the comics world. They’re all over the place with different companies snatching them up and raking in the profits. Let’s take a look see at which of your cherished childhood memories are being repackaged and resold for profit.

G.I.Joe, by Devil’s Due comics and distributed by Image is the king of the hill so far, with the best sales average from al these new titles, and the best stories I’ve read in comics for a while. All the old Joes are back, Duke, Flint, Beachhead and Shipwreck to fight Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. I am a fan of this book, and have the whole series so far, and it’s good stuff. I've really been drawn to the way the characters seem just like they did in the old cartoons, but a little more grown up. The dialogue is fun, and in issue nine, the fight between Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes was just fantastically cool ninja action.

Transformers, by Dreamwave productions and distributed by Image broke sales records with it’s first issue, pushing the top guns out of the #1 sales spot. It’s got stunning, beautiful artwork, but that’s about it. The plot is slow moving in bad places and runs too quickly through the cool ones. Dreamwave, which is based in Toronto, seems to have a lot of problems with this in their books, lots of flash, no meat. Look at the pictures, but don’t strain your eyes on all that pesky print.

Thundercats, by Wildstorm and distributed by DC is making it’s way to stores soon. Okay, so they might not have been the hottest property that there ever was, but they've got a cult-ish following, and their logo is cooler than most (I've been seeing Thundercats T-Shirts around Montreal for a couple of years now, and it truly is a good piece of design.) See the continuing fight of Lion-O against the evil Mumm-Ra! Read as the feline heroes tackle tough teen issues like, "Where's my littlerbox?" and "I'm bored". I haven’t read any of it yet, but here’s a promo picture for you to take a gander at. It’s pretty snazzy, eh?

Micronauts, by Devil’s Due again, and still shipping with Image comics as they just released its third issue, and this title has got people excited. Okay, so in all truth, I’m not one of them, but it’s one of those re-launced titled that I had to mention, and the cover art for it looks pretty neat, so, it warrants a mention here. I had a Micronauts toy when I was younger, it was magnetic and his legs could be easily pulled off. I had the white guy, and my cousin Joey had the black one. They had rocket packs, but didn't really do much else. I wanted to apoloise for the filler material in this paragraph, but I know next to nothing about this license. Oh look, some art from the comic.

Robotech is coming out soon from DC Comics. The promo art looks gorgeous, and soon we’ll be able to all learn to hate Minmei in the comic pages. Roy Fokker, Rick and the SDF-1 all take to space to fight the Zentradi, and cool fighter planes that turn into robots will feature heavily in this title, I’m sure. For those of you who watched Robotech, you understand why my one wish for this comic is that they skip the giant fish episode, and get straight to the action. For those of you new to Robotech, this book should let you experiance why the first rule of anime exists, and that's "Minmei's a bitch!"

Also, hot off the presses, Devil’s Due has announced that it will be putting out a comic featuring Voltron, defender of the Universe,some time around april 2003 and that’s be pretty cool. It’s be with the Tiger Voltron, but it could have the bobobot cameo.

Everything old is new again. Someone famous said that, but it’s 4:30 in the morning as I write this, so I don’t really care enough to look it up right now, so you’ll have to deal with me. Until next time!

Scott MacIver

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