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8.10.2002 by JP, every Saturday.

This is going to be a short column, I'm not apologizing, I'm just informing you. Really, this ain't no stinkin' apology so LAY OFF!

Today instead of writing my column like a good boy I rode my bike through the beautiful sunny weather to Parkdale Market, a farmer's market near my house. There, I purchased the yummiest peaches and cream corn, we had some last night for dinner and it was *so* sweet. I bought some fresh sweet peas and just spent 10 minutes shucking a 2-quart basket down to about a cup and a half of peas. It doesn't matter though, these things are like candy, it'll be a challenge to avoid eating them all before suppertime. Nobody has time for fresh peas these days but it's worth every second of time spent. The frozen peas you buy in the stores are like tapioca in comparisson, these ones are big, juicy and firm. If fresh peas are Coke then frozen are K-Mart brand, diet, caffeine-free. I bought tomatoes too, juicy vine-ripened ones. And of course I bought some yellow zuchinni, I'm such a sucker for colour. All this stuff was locally grown and probably picked within the last couple of days if not this very morning. All of it is at it's very peak of ripeness and none of it has been shipped more than 50km. Tonight I'll eat this food with good friends the way good food should be enjoyed. Here's this week's recipe:

Happiness (temporary)

1. Get some fresh fruits and veggies, ones you like, not the ones people say you should like.
2. Cook 'em just enough to get 'em good 'n tasty, don't kill 'em.
3. Flavour them with just butter, salt and pepper. Maybe a nice basil vinegrette (oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, basil, blender) for the tomatoes.
4. Enjoy with good company.

I'm off to Montreal now, my bag bursting with summer freshness!

"My ass is bursting with summer freshness"

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