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Tiger Saw : Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find

REVIEW: Tiger Saw: Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find
8.7.2002 by Esther

Tiger Saw: Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find [Kimchee Records, 2002]

Three Words? getting very sleepy.

I had to do it. I didn't want to, but I was becoming desperate. One evening when my friend was over I discreetly slipped Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find on in the background and waited, leaning eagerly towards her. Unfortunately, she failed to catch the bait and insisted on talking about non-music related things, until I was forced to subtly direct her attention elsewhere.

Me: So... what do you think of this CD?

[She stares at me blankly]

Me: Do you like it? Does any musical criticism come to mind?

[She stares at me blankly]

Me: What do you think of the cello?

[She stares at me blankly]

Friend: Actually, I wasn't really paying attention to the music.

And there is the crux of the problem with Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find. After several listens, I still couldn't really remember any of the songs, was left only with a vague impression that they were pretty and fuzzy and sounded very much alike. Vocals hush over gently strumming guitars, a swell of viola or cello here and there, the tinkling of a triangle. Tiger Saw makes music so gentle and understated that it is easy to miss.

I listened to this CD once in bed and fell asleep before it was over. Not surprising, since it plays like one long lullaby, many of the songs containing imagery about night, sleep, and dreams. If you pay close enough attention, a phrase or lyric will shimmer through, "let us catch each burning star, we'll let them light our way, like fireflies in a jar." The impression is fragile, delicate, beautiful. As you listen, you begin to notice the lilting swirl of instrumentals (especially on the stand-out track "dreaming of leaving", which is purely instrumental), and a few whispered words like stars flickering in the corner of your eye.

So, while Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find is certainly not for those looking for lively, vigorous music, a careful listening will yield moments of beauty. That is, if you can stay awake.

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