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Randy : Cheater EP

REVIEW: Randy: Cheater EP
6.10.2002 by Sean

Randy: Cheater EP [G7 Welcoming Committee, 2002]

Three words? Eat the Hives.

Pop Quiz! Who's rock, roll, and Swedish? Yeah, the ones with the fuzzy vocals, two-minute songs and hungry, chugging guitars. Yeah, they're punk but not too punk - a touch of mock-Elvis sneer mixed in with the yelling. You know who I'm talking about! Here's a clue, their name rhymes with "Duh Fives".

That's right - I'm talking about Randy.

While the Hives might be the toast of Spin and Rolling Stone, Randy's older, wiser, and no less electric. With this EP they throw out thirteen minutes of solid bop and roar, Ramones call-and-response alongside raw, tight songwriting. Randy rawks like only the Swedish can, and unlike those damn Hives, they don't need five guys and an pseudonymous mastermind.

When it's short, it better be sweet, and Randy makes every moment last. With the exception of the dull, been-there-done-that "Stepping Out", this disc's six songs are hit-worthy and stand-alone, from the punk cabaret of "I Won't Play That Song" to the garage snarl of "Cheater". The title track is raucous and animal, deliciously fierce and kick-up-the-boots intense. "I Don't Wanna Work", with its racetrack guitars and squealing vocals, builds to a ringing chorus and a gripping middle stretch, "I Won't Play That Song" rips a fiery hole into shrieking Little Richard madness: "Let's go to the moon!". Stand-out "Dynamite" builds retroguitar grooves and old-school rhythm-and-blues into the tune's giddy, energetic blitz: lust and regret underlies the bluster and explosion.

Cheater is music worth blasting - short, sweet, and chunky.

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