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5.19.2002 by Scott, every Thursday.

So this week, I went to the movies.

I mean, I’m a huge comic geek, right? I didn’t really have much choice, I had to go see it. Spider-Man, the movie.

All right, so you’ve already read all the reviews already. You’ve heard the hidden secrets and Easter eggs in the film, and all the complaints about the discrepancies as to how it was untrue to the comic’s continuity, again and again on the web and in the newspapers and magazines. I don’t care. You get to hear me talk about it too.

My buddy Mark called me up early in the afternoon to make arrangements to go see it. Mark’s not a huge comic geek like myself, but he does pick up a few now and again, and was caught up in the media blitz of the web-head. We each grabbed our girlfriends and went to the Paramount, the big super theatre in Montreal, and caught an early show.

Aside from the mad high prices of movie tickets, I was pretty psyched to see the movie. As far as comics go, I’ve always been into the X-Men more than Spider-Man, but I’m no slouch when it comes to Marvel history. We got there a little late, as we stopped for some lunch first (good food at Soup and Noodles), and by the time we made it back to the theatre, the only seats left were in the front rows. I was worried, because when I saw X-Men, it was in the front row, and the whole movie was a blur.

The opening credits were cool, and the movie was clear enough to see, even up close. The acting, plot, and casting were all pretty decent, and Willem Dafoe was a great choice as Norman Osborne. The fight sequences were cool, and so were the effects. The content was also all ages, despite what critics say. I saw Return of the Jedi when I was seven, and the Emperor electrocuting Luke was on the same level as the Green Goblin’s violent acts. People who complained that it might not be for younger kids are just being fashionably right wing.

I thought it was reminiscent of “Superman”, starring Christopher Reeves. A good movie with decent effects, and that stayed reasonably close to the mythos of the character. I was really glad that they didn’t bastardize the origin of Spider-man, and kept his relationship with the Goblin very close to what it was in the comics

Well, to conclude, all four of us liked the movie. We all left feeling like we got our money’s worth, and I would recommend it. As a fan boy, I had to say that the organic webs were not really as cool as the web-shooters, but hey, I have an image to protect here.

Scott MacIver

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