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Test of Strength
4.24.2002 by Scott, every Thursday.

The summer is here!

That means warm weather and bright sunshine, blockbuster movies and Frisbee. I’m anxious and happy for the summer, and I just had my vacation time approved at work. On the comics front, I went by my local shop and grabbed some fine reads this last week, the Usagi Yojimbo trade paper back, "Grasscutter II”, along with the newest issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ “Powers”, both of which were great. All is right in the world.

This week, at the suggestion of my roommate, I’m gonna bombard you with a semi-snide, semi-wise ass trivia test, where you can rate yourself against a chart to let you know how you rate as a comic trivia connoisseur. So without further ado, let the test begin. You have one hour, and you may pick up your pencils…now.

1) Superman, the last son of Krypton, grew up in what city?
a- Krypton, duh
b- Smallville, Kansas
c- Metropolis, some other state
d- Actually, he never really grew up, he is from a race of shape shifters and he appeared as is, a couple of days ago in Connecticut.

2) Robin, the boy wonder and Batman’s sidekick, got his name how?
a- It’s his name. Robin Todd.
b- His parents, world famous acrobats, were called the Round Robins.
c- He stole it from his favourite vigilante, Robin Hood.
d- His first choice, “The Hot Pants Kid”, was rejected by Batman, who called him Robin-Red Breast instead. It was shortened in the forties.

3) The Avengers were formed by…
a- Captain America, who needed help fighting the Nazi menace.
b- The Human Torch, who along with three others on an experimental space voyage were bombarded by cosmic rays that gave them super powers.
c- Accident when a group of solo heroes all came to fight one villain by coincidence. They beat him so badly, they decided to stick together.
d- Martian Manhunter, who kept screaming “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.” Which was later used in that song by the Pointer sisters.

4) Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man, lost his parents when…
a- His parents were branded as spies and executed in the Soviet Union.
b- His uncle Ben sold them out to McCarthy-ism.
c- His home planet Spidon exploded.
d- A horrific car accident when they were coming home from the movies killed them instantly.

5) The mighty Thor, when he first came to earth, held the alter ego of:
a- Dr. Donald Blake, the kind, but lame family doctor.
b- Officer Jake Samson, rookie cop in the tough 14th precinct.
c- James Odinson, busboy at Marvin’s, a greasy diner.
d- Debbie Louis, race car driver extraordinaire.

6) The incredible Hulk’s arch nemesis, the Leader, has what power?
a- When he walks around, everyone must “follow” him and mimic his movements.
b- A horde of minions that live underground and hate the surface dwellers.
c- He drains radiation from the surrounding region and uses it to increase his own size.
d- A gamma irradiated brain that is super powerful.

7) Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, almost had his relationship with his wife, Jean Grey ended when…
a- He walked in on her kissing Wolverine.
b- She caught him thinking “dirty” thoughts about their team-mate, Psylocke.
c- He told her he was married to her clone, Madelyne Pryor.
d- She once again forgot about his glasses protecting her from death during a “night of romance”.

8) Professor Charles Xavier’s true love has always been what?
a- Shi’ar empress Lilandra.
b- The joy of seeing his pupils kick Juggernaut’s ass.
c- Cheating at solitaire.
d- Rogaine.

9) Spawn, demon avenger sent from hell to fight against heaven lives where?
a- Deep in the sewers under Chicago.
b- In the dreams of those who have damned themselves on earth.
c- In the “alleys”, the poorest part of Manhattan on the streets.
d- At “Spawn Manor”, which his billionaire parents left to him in their will, where he enjoys the whirlpool and sauna, but never has a partner for tennis.

10) Spider-Man’s arch enemies, tired of getting whooped, got together to form the group known as..
a- The Spider slayers
b- The Raid-ers
c- The Sinister Six
d- The Monkees, who went on to form a pop rock group.


Answers 1.B 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.C

How you scored:

0-2 Those dern funny-books just ain’t right fer proper persons to be readin.
3-5 Your friend is a comic geek, and you are subjected to hours of him/her going on about it as you wait to talk about your shoes.
6-9 You grew up watching cartoons, and haven’t been able to let it drop. At least twice for hallowe’en you’ve gone as a super hero.
10 The internet and the comic shop are the only two place you interact with others.

Scott MacIver

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