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Paloma: Paloma

REVIEW: Paloma: Paloma
2.23.2002 by Sean

Paloma: Paloma [Divine Industries, 2001]

Two words? Insipid 'jazztronic'.

The cover of Paloma features a sleazy-looking guy in a tux lounging on a couch. It’s a pretty good indicator of what the album is like: sleazy and lazy. “Sexy and mellow” would be a more flattering description, but the album doesn’t really deserve it. If someone tried to seduce me by playing this album I wouldn’t be very impressed.

The band’s website claims that singer Coco Love Alcorn sings in a jazz style, and the album is billed as “jazztronic”, but if this is true then they must be talking about the most insipid kind of smooth-jazz. Alcorn has a good voice—pure and smooth—but to my ears it’s indistinguishable from dozens of other R&B vocalists. The lyrics are laughably bad (“ She’s got it going on, she’s go it going real / she’s gonna be strong, you know what’s the deal.”) and they are sung over dull, repetitive techno music.

On the whole the album is not unpleasant to listen to, but it is wholly unremarkable.

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