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Chin: Day Dreaming

REVIEW: Chin: Day Dreaming
2.16.2002 by Sean

Chin: Day Dreaming [Divine Industries, 2001]

Two words? Springy sneakers

Chin Injeti's slightly whiny, mellow voice is matched to wonka-chicka beats and house influences in this, his solo debut. You will find dancefloor tracks as well as R&B ballads, with only one real throwback to Chin's former band, Bass is Bass.

The album is not as dreamy as the title would lead you to believe. Although I smirked at its introduction, where Chin offers to "hit you up with a hocus-pocus vibe", opening track "Magic" does make you want to get up and dance, but it's followed with a (short) robot-vocal song that sits you back down. "Rejoice" is a kicky number with back-up gospel choir. "Logical Song" bemoans the discouragement felt by liberals and those who believe the world is a magical place. The title track is sweetly peppy: "daydreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you". Expect that level of romance, like "Show Me Love"'s "Oh show me love/I need it now/Don't ever go/I pray you'll stay around". It's innocuous: neither sexual nor heart-wrenching. Chin's voice is catchy but rarely left to stand alone; his pitch and strained sincerity recall Michael Jackson. I did get a pleasant 'I've heard this song before' vibe from a few tracks. "B-Boys Fly Girls" brings to mind the Chemical Brothers, "Show Me Love" actually recalls Everything But the Girl, and "Logical Song" is, of course, straight out of Supertramp.

Overall, the album has a light-hearted feel, and is definitely likeable, but it simply doesn't stand out. I liken it to springy sneakers: indispensable to some, fun-when-around for others, but nothing particularly innovative or endearing.

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