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The Punters: Will You Wait

REVIEW: Punters: Will You Wait
1.17.2002 by Kyla

The Punters: Will You Wait [Loggerhead Records, 2001]

Two words? More drunkenness.

From what I can discern, the songs on this album fall into three categories: the Irish sea-shanty jigs; the Great Big Sea-esque Newfie-folk - acceptably done, but not particularly interesting; and the generic pop with mediocre, repetitive tunes and simply awful lyrics (with few cheesy electric guitar riffs thrown in.. ugh) - horrible! If there were more of the first type, I could maybe imagine myself playing the album every now and then, when I was looking to satisfy my dancing fix; as it stands, I plan on never, ever again removing the CD from the box in my closet.

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