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Rah Bras: RUY BLAS!

REVIEW: Rah Bras: Ruy Blas!
1.17.2002 by Sean

RAH BRAS : RUY BLAS! [Lovitt Records, 2001]

Two words? Psycho Electro-opera.

With pseudo-metal cover-art that looks like one of those free CDs that's left scratched up at the bottom of the bargain bin, Rah Bras doesn't reject that appearance so much as embrace and subvert it. From the Sesame Street Count organ-grinding of opener "BABABOOn", filled up with repetitious, nonsensical choral lyrics, to the bad-dream, acid-trip Air of "CiViC", to the bouncy "HOMOFugE" and winged monkey grunts on "FungRY", the Rah Bras perform a synth-laden breed of pop that combines the self-awareness of They Might Be Giants with the bizarre sensibilities of late Mr. Bungle. It's profoundly weird music, with bird tweets and operatic wails, but it's also a fun experience; a positive listening experience is a matter of accepting the peculiar landscape the Rah Bras are playing from, and allowing those twisted video game reapers to shake their booties.

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