Things you might have missed in the Spider-Man movie
May 9, 2002:   By Web-headed Scott, #70
Lucy Lawless as the Punk
Ted Raimi, Sam Raimi's brother as a Daily Bugle flunky
Ash's Car  from "Evil Dead" as uncle Ben's car
Bruce Campbell as the wrestling annoucer
The spider that bit him was a real black widow spider
J. Jonah Jameson wearing Spider-man suspenders
Phil Jimenez's hand drawing "Peter's" Spider-man costume design
The Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Wolverine in the croud of the wrestling match
The wrestling announcer wearing the same pair of Oakly shades that Cyclops wears in "X-Men"
Stan Lee dodging out of the way of the pumpkin bomb at the festival.

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Things you might have missed in the Spider-Man movie
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