Ways to Freak People Out
October 21, 2001:   By Anonymous, #6
Stand beside someone and start coughing uncontrollably. Look over and say, "Don't worry, it's not that contagious."
Hold a banana to your ear and talk into it like it was a cell phone. If people stare at you, tell them it's an imported model.
Stare at someone until they look up at you. Announce that your dog has fleas, and then start scratching behind your ear.
Look at the person beside you on the bus and ask if you can have their earwax when they're done with it.
Walk up to someone in a movie theatre, point at their seat and ask them if it's taken.
Stand outside a pumpkin patch and yell, "The Great Pumpkin is coming, beg for his forgiveness"
Follow someone around in a mall, staying a foot away.
Go to an interview and immediately fire the interviewer.
Crawl around the office on your hands and knees. Tell people that you lost your pet tarantula.
Walk up to someone and chant in a low voice "Blood, blood, blood..."

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