Things That Must Be Done in Ten Years
January 30, 2002:   By Lokuan, #38
Cryogenically Freeze Curtis Mayfield
Build an Effective Fart Capturer
Legalize the Wearing of Transparent Pants
Make Sleeping an Olympic Sport
Let Mongolia Host the Olympic Games
Make Mullets Illegal
Make Eating A Lot an Olympic Sport
Build the Cool School
Make LL Cool J the President
Declare "My Sharona" as the National Anthem
Editor's Note: My personal list looks something like this: 10. Age at least 10 years. 9. Get several haircuts. 8. Shower, at least once. 7. Think about stuff, like, you know, important stuff. 6. Attend Vanilla Ice comeback tour #5. 5. Kill a man. 4. Read a book. 3. Develop

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Things That Must Be Done in Ten Years
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