What not to say to your date's father while waiting for her:
December 3, 2002:   By Whammy, #110
Our last date? Dunno. I got really drunk and the last thing I remember is something about my hand and your daughter's nipple.
Is your wife as easy as your daughter?
I'm more in touch with my feminine -side since prison.
Does this look infected?
Woman-beaters get a bad rap!
Dunno why she bothers with the make-up, I'm only going to be looking at the top of her head.
YO! S'up Homes? Where dat skank?
Where do I see myself in 5 years? Off parole hopefully.
"...And then I married Lisa-Marie Presley, but that didn't last long..."
Do you have any naked-pictures of your Daughter? No? Do you want the web-address?
Editor's Note: I've never figured out why whenever I go on a date I get chased out of town by her angry axe toting father...now I think I understand.

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What not to say to your date's father while waiting for her:
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