Why should i give a fuck!?!?
May 8, 2001

RANT #76: Misc.
The STuD
Summary: It's my quick , page long,. pissed off,... i wrote at 1:30 in the morning, i hate everything rant,..... i know i left some stuff out,... but there's always next time.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Who really gives a fuck, in this big, ominous, anger-filled , shoot you for some money, stab you in the eye for your wallet, fuck you up with words, actions,treat you like shit, use you up and spitt you out, kiss my ass you stupid son of a bitch, fuck off, we're all hurt here, give me my fuckin' money, don't fuck with me bad mood days, steping in dogshit, quaker harvest crunch , slimfast drinking health fanatics that die in their thirteys, i'll go jogging hit by a car, tie wearing, cap,hat, and bandanna wearing, illiterate,high society, get drive by shot, happy, horney, suicidal, deminted, march of the fuckheads on parade, cocksucking, bad driving, every motherfucker has a cell phone, cd playing cause fuck eight-tracks are to fuckin' old, fuckin everything is goin retro, disco sucks because it does, i hate you you make me sick, eat shit, shit happens deal with it, fuck everyting cause it all causes cancer, aids worried, old people are useless, young people are criminals and drug dealers  even though some are, prejudice, racist, sexist, fuckoff, cigarette-smokin', gino, lets get married, i love, you bitch, bullshit, horse fuckin' wierdo's , final fantasy, kiss my ass, fistfucking, you hit me i'm gonna sue you, stop harassing me, shitfaced after drinking too much, blow me, aarogant, self -concerned, concieted, i am better than you, my dick is bigger, fuck the sick, the poor should work for their money, differently abled are looked down upon, suck my dick, you want my hard earned money, wife beating fuckers, slacker jackoffs, put downs, sell outs, numb nuts, doped up, keep you flying for days, co-dependant, rehab help, leave me the fuck alone, i want you to die, leve me out in the freezing cold, beat the shit outta you, beat the shit outta me, dipshit, lack of lustre world of ours?!??!?!?!?  So do you know see why i'm a misanthrope?? and why i just want you all to stop hurting me, and just leave me the fuck alone , so that in the hopes, that one day i can die an unaccompished, forgetful, crazy old , wrinkled, shrunken, i want to be young again , my knees are weak, my heart's not pumping blood, who am i , please help me, retirement home ,  man!!

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