immature boyfriend soul massacre
January 2, 2007

RANT #269: Misc.
Ms. Lost
Summary: bad boyfriend rant, the truth of a broken girlfriend
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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he blames everything on me, and while i deserve half of it, the rest is built on immature generalizations and misinterpretations due to ignorance which he fumes at me in the most idiotic imbacile fashion. he can't even speak properly and then tries to hypocritically argue about the subtlties of my own descriptions (as if he understands the word "naive"? what a douche!
All I asked was that he plan one day a month to take me out and make me feel wanted, instead of him being obligated to do things with me. I wanted to be loved! and he couldn't.
He also sliced through my heart for being rude to him one month which I apologized for but he didn't seem to understand that a woman with a father and grandmother having surgery for cancer over christmas was naturally going to be under a bit of stress...
He makes me feel unloved, stupid, talentless and dramatic. He brings everything I hate about myself to the forefront and then yells at me for it.
I am an extremely creative person yet he has never supported me in any venture which is something one usually expects in a boyfriend.
I have never been so tired emotionally than I have with him in these last 2 years.
He killed my spirit completely and i feel a shell of my former self, filled with all the bullshit he's fed me.
I keep hanging on because I'm too insecure (a result of him 100%) to be alone for any amount of time.
in need of intellectual stimulation.
in need of someone who loves me enough to build up the love in myself that's been damaged.

I hate you.
stop killing me.

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