Rise Up Against Oppressive Tangmonkey Pig-Dogs!!
September 17, 2002

RANT #129: Misc.
Doctor Furious
Summary: No one is the boss of me!  Not even me!
Full Text:

I mock the foul curs of Tangmonkey with their suffocating, oppressive Rant submission rules!  I reserve the right to come as unhinged as I please when Ranting!  I shall now list the ways that I will not be suppressed!

Firstly, I shall use all the poor grammar and questionable spelling that I wish.  Your all idiots!  Kat!  Tremble, I tell you, tremble at my shameless flouting of Rant dogma!

Secondly, I shall say racist bits as I please!  Bicycle races are better than foot races I say!  And I shall also use homophonic words indiscriminately!  Red!  Read!  Two!  Too!  Gaze upon my works and despair, Tangmonkey-types!!

And thirdly, I reject your editing tyranny, my works should last the aeons unedited, I say!  <I agree.  We should not alter this one in any way.  Editor>  All must know that about which I blather!

And finally, I refuse to submit to the deistic tyranny of "categories!"  I refuse to be pigeonholed by some orange-coloured bureaucrat!
All hail discordia!  Fnord!  Fnord I say!!

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