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Early October 1999

Second Spectacular Issue! Featuring:    The New Fall TV Season!    Indiana George of the Jungle Vs. The Mummy!    PLUS: The Secret Origin of Ash!    Drive Me Crazy drives NEW staff member Buffy completely insane!    And   Eeyore takes on the Hollywood Death Machine!
Movies: Drive Me Crazy *

First off, let me just say that any movie based on a song released by a Mouseketier is pretty much doomed. And here comes the sad part: the title track is probably the single best part of Drive Me Crazy. Even a vamp such as myself, who can usually ignore a bad plot-line if the male lead is sufficiently attractive (yes, Legends Of The Fall is a really great movie), will find it hard to stay awake after the initial ten minutes. For all you readers out there who think that I'm about to ruin the plot for you, take comfort in the fact that such an attempt would be futile. This is the kind of formulaic dribble studios keep churning out over and over again in order to make a buck off the crazy Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin worshipping cult which we in Intellectually Superior Land like to call "Teeny Boppers". But my guess is that, even if you can name each and every N-Sync member, this little bit of pop-culture will leave you with one lasting impression: Sabrina The Teenage Witch should never, ever, under any circumstance, be legally allowed to last almost two hours. Which is really what this movie is about. Sabrina Remakes Boy At Gap was probably its original working title. Are there any redeeming features in this flick? Well, the main guy, Chase, can do a mean set of puppy dog eyes....and that's about it. Trust me, even you Dawson's Creek die-hards will want to give this one a miss. It will, as the title suggests, drive you crazy. Or drive you *@#$ing nuts.


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