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What the "MAN" doesn't want you to know about Mars.
6.5.2001 by Professor Particle

I've figured it out! I'd never given much thought to "facts" that the "Man" pushed down my throat, but now it feels like a haze of ignorance is lifted. The unenlightened will scoff. Those in power will weep. On June 4, 2001, after intense meditation, the secret of the face on Mars was revealed to me.

The irony is that my epiphany came about because of my work to increase the "knowledge" of the "establishment". I've been rereading the same 5 sheets of paper for 5 days non-stop in an attempt to finish a paper I've been collaborating on to be published in a "scientific" journal (or as I now call it, "yet another gear in the propaganda machine"). This mind-numbing "activity" actually caused me to leave my body, and I felt like I was falling off the face of the earth. I lost all sense of time (or as the infidels call it, "a lame excuse for why this article is a day late), and my astral journey eventually led me to the fabled planet of Mars. It was there that I spoke to the majestic being DsdjfoodGJdio5A-eieio.

You've seen pictures of DsdjfoodGJdio5A-eieio and never known it. He has a human name: "the face of Mars". Misguided souls say that these images point to an ancient civilisation on Mars. Close. That civilisation is still alive, and my friend DsdjfoodGJdio5A-eieio is the last survivor of his Martian race. The "Man" tries to distract you from the truth by showing you "data" that "proves" that DsdjfoodGJdio5A-eieio is just a bunch of rock that looks like a face only when light shines on it in the right way. These are the same people that claim they landed on the Moon. Wise scholars like you and I know these to be blatant lies. Automatons will never be convinced. I don't understand how people can't figure out the obvious fact that our faithful ever-watching protector f7sdF*0-friesw1ththat-&&& would never tolerate that. Sorry, that's "the Man in the Moon" to the uninitiated.

"They" will laugh at you. "They" will contradict you with "data". "They" will "accuse" you of "overusing" quotation marks. But in the end, the only... aw, shit! I just missed the first 5 minutes of X-Files.

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